Louisiana flooding closes Baton Rouge store

Recent flooding in Louisiana has taken its toll on many homes and businesses including Hobby Lobby’s Baton Rouge location at 1683 O’Neal Lane.

The extensive flooding is making it difficult to reach the property and make a full assessment of the damage. Three to four feet of water is estimated to be standing in the store.

All store employees have been accounted for and are safe. It is Hobby Lobby’s practice in situations like this to offer employees the opportunity to continue working at a nearby Hobby Lobby location until the store can reopen.

The store initially closed on Saturday afternoon, August 13, because roads in the area were becoming impassable. Other Hobby Lobby locations in Lafayette, Hammond, and another store in Baton Rouge, were also closed on Saturday but have since reopened. The other three stores did not receive damage. The Baton Rouge location is expected to reopen as soon as repairs can be made.