Flourish OKC Ministries Awards

OKLAHOMA CITY – Hobby Lobby is a proud sponsor of Flourish OKC, formerly known as the OKC Passion Awards. This year marked the second annual celebration held in Oklahoma City to identify and support effective ministries who seek to advance the flourishing of the city in body, mind and spirit. The awards celebration took place with 1,000 people in attendance at The Criterion on March 25. Each year, Flourish focuses its energy, attention and voice to highlight one major issue in the city. The 2019 focus was education. Ten organizations were selected as the 2019 Flourish grant recipients and were honored with grant awards in the following categories:

Stronger Together: Ministries demonstrating strong partnerships with other entities (government, business, schools, etc.) for the flourishing of all individuals through education.

Focus Awards: Ministries committed to the flourishing of individuals of all ages through education.

Education Innovation: Entrepreneurial ministries, operating for less than two years, innovating for the flourishing of elementary students through education.

Congratulations to each grant recipient, and thank you for creating positive impact on the Oklahoma City community.